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Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (English: Albanian Radio and Television – RTSH) is the public broadcaster of Albania, founded in 1938 in Tirana. RTSH runs two analogue television stations RTSH 1 and RTSH 2 (formerly known as TVSH and TVSH 2, standing for Televizioni Shqiptar), It runs 2 DVB-T2 multiplexers, one national with the RTSH channels and the second one for local channels. There are 12 TV channels in the first multiplexer and 5 radio channels. RTSH also runs a Satellite Multiplexer with 6 channels, RTSH 1 is the flagship generalist channel. RTSH 2 is dedicated niche communities, including cultural and ethnic minorities, broadcasting news editions in Greek, Montenegrin and Aromanian. RTSH 3, formerly known as RTSH Sat, is dedicated to Albanians living abroad. RTSH also has dedicated channels, for news (RTSH-24), sports, musics, children, etc. In addition, four regional radio and TV stations serve local areas in Gjirokastër, Korçë, Kukës, and Shkodër. The international radio service broadcasts radio programmes in Albanian and seven other languages via Internet Radio, Radio on the Satellite and on OTT with an App for both iOS and Android. Medium wave (AM) and short wave broadcasts were switched off in 2017. (SW).The international television service via satellite RTSH 3 (former TVSH Sat) was launched in 1993 and is aimed at Albanian-speaking communities in Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and northern Greece, plus the Albanian diaspora in the rest of Europe. Since 1999, RTSH has been a member of the European Broadcasting Union. RTSH Tani, a mobile app, also offers these channels and more. RTSH is the official organizer of the Albanian Song Festival Festivali i Kenges, the winner of which represents Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest. RTSH is funded by a combination of commercial advertising, an annual licence fee of US$12.00 and grant-in-aid from the Albanian government.Radio Televizioni Shqiptaris është transmetuesi publik i Shqipërisë, i themeluar në vitin 1938 në Tiranë. RTSH drejton dy stacione televizive analoge RTSH 1 dhe RTSH 2 (më parë i njohur si TVSH dhe TVSH 2, në këmbë për Televizioni Shqiptar) Shkon 2 multiplexerë ​​DVB-T2, një shtetas me kanalet RTSH dhe një të dytë për kanalet lokale. Ekzistojnë 12 kanale televizive në multiplexerin e parë dhe 5 kanale radio. RTSH gjithashtu drejton një Satellite Multiplexer me 6 kanale, RTSH 1 është kanali kryesor i përgjithshëm. RTSH 2 është komunitete e përkushtuar, përfshirë pakicat kulturore dhe etnike, duke transmetuar edicione të lajmeve në greqisht, malazezë dhe arumune. RTSH 3, i njohur më parë si RTSH Sat, u dedikohet shqiptarëve që jetojnë jashtë. Përveç kësaj, katër stacione radiotelevizive rajonale i shërbejnë zonave lokale në Gjirokastër, Korçë, Kukës dhe Shkodër. RTSH-ja ka gjithashtu kanale të dedikuara për lajme (RTSH-24), sporte, muzikë, fëmijë etj. Shërbimi radio ndërkombëtar transmeton programe radio në gjuhën shqipe dhe shtatë gjuhë të tjera nëpërmjet radios në internet, radio në satelit dhe në OTT me një aplikacion për të dy iOS dhe Android. Shërbimet televizive ndërkombëtare përmes satelitit RTSH 3 (ish TVSH Sat) u nisën në vitin 1993 dhe synojnë komunitetet shqipfolëse në Kosovë, Serbia, Maqedonia, Mali i Zi dhe Greqia Veriore, plus diaspora shqiptare në pjesën tjetër të Evropës. Që nga viti 1999, RTSH ka qenë anëtar i Bashkimit Evropian të Transmetimeve.

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Welcome to the site where you can watch Shqip TV live.

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KosovaTV is the best website for shqip tv, all the channels are free to watch and easy to use!

We just added the popular channels Alsat M and KTV and many more for you to enjoy watching. Shqip TV is the main topic this whole website is about Shqip Tv is translated to english Albanian TV it is TV that is available in Kosovo and Albania

KosovaTV has different categories of Albanian TV channels for example: Sport, News, and Music.

The most popular channels in general are RTV Klan, Top Channel, Klan Kosova, RTV 21, Alsat M and KTV ,but there are more categories such as
music wich RTSH Muzikë and Opoja stand out, Sport is RTSH Sport. Albania and Kosovo have alot of different channels with categories and you can watch
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KosovaTV is similar to what they call IPTV, Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream the source media continuously. As a result, a client media player can begin playing the content (such as a TV channel) almost immediately. This is known as streaming media.


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